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Will do this while the my first one is recovered. Anyways I always wanted to try Gran Blue Fantasy Versus even though Arc System worked on it, It was free for Ps plus And I had few ranked matches I loved the game even though I'm I pitted against monsters like wow Im a beginner and my first ranked opponent is an A ranked that is not ok though anyways I beat several A ranks and Enjoyed the game even though alot of players got demoted to light blue like me. They say Gran Blue Fantasy Versus is the easily most casual friendly game ever made. I played it the life bars are big which I love thats playing fair. And of course you can win by button mashing except you cant button mash against vets so I decided to do combos in training the easier combos do some amount of damage and the really bug combos are incredibly harder than dragon ball fighter Z like damn well my main Zeta combos are ultra hard the big combos. heres 2 Zeta combos I made