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Persona 5 Strikers (Platinum)
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Elden Ring
FF Strangers of Paradise
Tales of Arise (Platinum)
God of War (Platinum)
Disgaea 6 Complete (Platinum)
Soul Hackers 2 (Good ending)

The Diofield Chronicle (Platinum)

I finished The Diofield Chronicle with the platinum, since it was very easy to get. My 8th JRPG finished for the year. Overall the entire game was very easy as well. I am not sure what they wanted to accomplish with such an easy gameplay. The only thing I can think of is to try and be more accessible. It was still a fun game with interesting characters. The MC that you play as and follow is a Mary Sue, but also pretty awesome. While the conversations and plot might seem simple at a glance, the story has huge depth. Reading the library really helps flesh out the characters and nuances. The 3 other main characters all have their own ambitions and flaws, so the story unfurls in interesting ways. I always enjoy a fantasy story with countries facing off against each other, the map even gets updated to paint the picture clearly with important plot points as well. A solid short and sweet game, but with some flaws, so I would have to agree with the general consensus coming from the reviewers. It isn't quite to the level of Dynasty Tactics 2 or other Koei Tecmo games, but it is a good step for SE in the strategy RPG direction.