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Chris Hu said:

The long version of the Ring is in almost every track-based racing games.  It is one of my least favorite tracks.  I do like the short version of the track but wouldn't call it one of my favorites.  When it comes to longer tracks I think LeMans is my favorite track.  I also like the LeMans short track the Bugatti Circuit that track is in very few track-based racing games.

It was a pleasant surprise to find the Bugatti circuit in Forza 7, indeed a shame it's not in GT.

Le Mans is awesome in the 787B!

This version needs a lot of work though :)

Another favorite is Spa

And Mount Panorama!

I don't enjoy the Nurburgring GP circuit, at least the part that's in N24 skips the worst parts of the track (the tight chicane and extra detour at the start) I don't enjoy wide road circuits in general. The wider the road the more people start dive bombing into corners since you have a lot more room to stop and recover. Hence my dislike of Fuji, it's ram central in GT :/