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I'm on that PlayStation 5 wave fellas!! I got the HFW bundle unexpectedly from a family member. Got it all set up and I'm currently waiting for HFW to download. Played through a good chunk of Astro's Playroom and have some impressions:

- This is a great tech demo to demonstrate the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and the Dualsense controller
- It's a very fun platformer with a lot of charm and throwbacks
- Not really blown away from the haptic feedback, feels a bit more refined than regular vibration
- The adaptive triggers are a game changer

I didn't play around with the UI yet but I have noticed its a bit inconvenient to access your trophies/friends lists. I feel like I won't be purchasing any games until God of War Ragnarok releases, or if Ratchet and Clank goes on sale, since I also got NBA 2K23, but I'll work towards the platinum for HFW & Astro's Playroom in the meantime, with 2K in rotation.

Last edited by PotentHerbs - on 21 September 2022