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Chrkeller said:
Soundwave said:

If you order 5 pizzas for a dinner party, but then you decide at the last minute you don't want to have pizza that night but move the party to the following week, you're still paying for the pizzas you already ordered. The pizza place doesn't care if you need them or not. 

In this case the pizza place is Nvidia, lol. 

"New hardware" doesn't neccessarily have to mean the old hardware is replaced/thrown out/thrown into the discount bin any more either. The "new" Switch can just be another product in the Switch family of products. The days of one hardware completely shutting down the previous hardware are starting to go away any how. It's fall 2022 (two years since the PS5 launched) and the big flag ship Sony title for the fall (God of War Ragnarok) is still coming out on PS4. 2023 big ticket releases like Resident Evil 4 Remake are still coming out on PS4. 

Don't think the OLED Switch model and Switch Lite are going anywhere and they will be getting the top Nintendo releases for several more years past 2023. 

Correct.  Just because I bought something doesn't mean I have to use it.  And I'm guessing via Switch sales Nvidia is selling more than expected.  I would suspect their relationship with Nintendo is quite nice at the moment.  

Personally I am happy to upgrade...  but I've been told every year for 3 years now...  a new Switch is coming...  still waiting.  Will there ever be a point where people accept there isn't a Switch Pro?

And considering Nvidia is making millions off the Switch by selling almost 10 year old chips, I have no doubt they're beyond happy lol.

What has been consistent is getting a Switch revision every other year. 2017-launch Switch. 2019-Switch Lite. 2021-Switch OLED. With that consistent kind of releases, I wouldn't be surprised if we do get another hardware revision in 2023. Before this rumor, I was kind of expecting a Switch Lite OLED in 2023