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gtotheunit91 said:
Mar1217 said:

And as usual, the most important part will be the use of DLSS 2.2 features.

100% this! We may actually be able to see up to 4k 60fps for most Nintendo games with DLSS 2.2! Minus major titles like TLoZ Tears of the Kingdom, for example.

Freaking DLSS 3.0 is giving games like Spider-Man Remastered 200+ fps with ray tracing on. So if this is all true, we're in for a major upgrade!

Since it's Ampere based, most likely the Switch 2 won't get DLSS 3 due to the amount of computation DLSS 3 requires as DLSS 3 is now adding frames instead of upscaling pixels.

So unless what they are incorporating are the tensor cores from Lovelace but I doubt it. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing though. Having DLSS 2 on a device like the Switch will give it a secret sauce like no other!


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