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eva01beserk said:
ConservagameR said:

Even with a mid gen Series Pro Xtreme model, couldn't MS just drop Series S to 720p/60 worst case? The CPU should be able to keep up, so just drop the resolution and upscale.

Many who have a Series S will just live with it for the rest of the gen, and those who can't, can upgrade to a Series X.

I could see MS dropping Series S production mid gen if there's a $499-$599 Pro Xtreme model, along with a $299 Series X.

If the gpu was the problem then sure. But the complain the devs are saying is the ram amount.

Games for the Series are being made to fit the ram of the Series s and then upscale to the Series X. I guess they can make 2 versions to take advantage of both but it will take time and money. And Xbox studios cannot afford to be any slower. 

Lower res, less RAM needed, correct? You don't use space taking 4k assets if you're running at 720p, right? I think that's correct but I'm not certain.

BonfiresDown said:

Microsoft is not going to drop support for the Series S anytime soon, no chance. But in 6-8 years or so, I do wonder whether they will allow developers to support just the X but not the S. It would be a bit of a bait and switch, but it would also be a waste to not allow games that can run well enough on the X but would be too compromised on the S.

Based on the issue's with Halo between the XB One and XB Series platforms, along with who knows what else that's been kept quiet due to how Infinite turned out, I wouldn't doubt that once it's definitely time, that MS will axe the Series S.

Assuming MS doesn't actually bring the cloud tech that offloads enough processing that they promised with XB One, or if things go hardcore streaming by then. In those cases Series S could be used, and it wouldn't be because it's anything special, but just because other tech allowed it to remain relevant.

SKMBlake said:
ConservagameR said:


I can def see MS releasing a Series Xtream and a Series Stream

Wasn't even thinking this. Nice play on the name! I like it, and could see it being used in the future as well.