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Agree the PS5 will do 7 million, though I'm not even sure it will do 8 million. PS3 did 10m, PS4 did 9m, if PS5 only does 7m that's pretty horrendous. If like a million of those are actually just bought to ship to China that's even more horrendous. Most weeks are pretty terrible numbers for PS5 HW in Japan, with only the occasional decent week of 20k+. And of course software buying in Japan (at least physical) seems almost non-existent most of the time. Playstation is a dying brand in Japan.

With Xbox Series continuing to improve in Japan, Switch dominating, and at some point in PS5's lifecycle the next Nintendo system will come out and if it is anything like the Switch it will dominate Japan again. All these things point to PS5 not doing much better later on in Japan than it is now.