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FattyDingDong said:

This is a very controversial topic. So I must clarify that this is just my opinion and you are welcome to disagree. As an Xbox owner I do not believe that these acquisitions have or will benefit Xbox owners at all. Let me explain why, Bethesda and Activision games would have still released on the Xbox regardless. The only difference is now it will (potentially) NOT release on the Sony platforms. And I understand the logic behind this from a business' perspective, it will definitely help Microsoft out. But my problem with the whole thing is, how will gamers benefit.  Sony is definitely guilty of this too, they secured Street Fighter and Final Fantasy remake for the Sony platforms. However, one must point out that they have organically created new IPs from their first party studios , games such as Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, Spider Man, Ghost of Tsushima.   Microsoft has not done so since the Xbox 360 days.  My fear is that this policy of just acquiring existing IPs is going to be the norm for them, this will discourage any creativity or desire to start new IPs. 

I have tried to make this argument on Twitter and Reddit, but people have labeled me as a "salty" Sony fanboy. Even respected journalists are enthusiastic over these acquisitions.  I personally do not care for Sony or Microsoft, I just want new ideas and new games because that in the end is what's good for all gaming. 

Wasn't there a rumor that Sony tried to make Starfield timed exclusive for PS5?

I mean. That's benefit for Xbox owners. If Microsoft bought Bethesda sooner Xbox players would have a chance to play Deathloop in 2021 and GhostWire in 2022, not a year later.

But it's clear that main focus of everything is Game Pass. Which is fine by me as a subscriber. 

But it is funny. Because what benefits are PlayStation gamers having from every Sony moneyhat? Did they earn something when Sony made sure that FFVII Remake or Street Fighter V will not come out on Xbox?

Bethesda sold because they weren't that hot financially. So you are risking them shutting down studios or cancelling projects. Which goes along your idea of "new ideas and new games." And Activision Blizzard acquisition is even more interesting because of devs at ActiBlizz studios. Because this deal will make sure that Kotick is gone. And it will make sure that all COD support studios will have a chance to make their own games. Which is a win, right?