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smroadkill15 said:
SKMBlake said:

It did 50 million after being sold bundled with cereals and paper towels + having the game pass and the covid lockdown, I mean it spent most of its lifetime being the « meh, why not » console.

Now the Series X is sold for more, and have good arguments, but the PS5 isn’t failing to reach the general audience for now, so it doesn’t seem to be having the same sale logic as the Xbox 360

Many of the issues the Xbone had early on, the Series X|S avoided. There is no argument to be made when the system is clearly outperforming the Xbone and that's with shortages. Why it would sell about the same as the xbone makes zero sense. Series X software will also be much stronger once this gen is all said and done and keep the system much more relevant. The PS5 is very popular, but Xbox is keeping pacing. It's nowhere near as lop sided as last gen. 

Let’s see the games first before betting on how strong the library will be.