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Azzanation said:
Bob80 said:

Nobody wants to pay more for anything and yeah it is weird to pay $10 for a ps5 version when the content is the same as the $59 ps4 version. Truth is, we all want the latest blockbusters for $1 but when a deal seems to good to be true, it usually is.

The main concern gamers should have with things like game pass is that it could potentially mark the end of AAA story driven games. Loads of major 3rd party devs have spoken out about this and said it makes no business sense to put their main line games D1 on game pass. Heck even for smaller scale games it seems to be commercial suicide. Octopath 1 was on Game Pass and now part 2 is skipping Xbox altogether. Also the devs behind Crusaders King 3 have now decided to withdraw its involvement in Game Pass for a reason:

Companies are not forced to do anything. Its their choice if they want to be day 1 on GP. If they want to make SP type games than they can. I don't understand why people believe devs have their hands tied. 1st Party i can understand but even then, StarField is proving these speculation wrong. 3rd Party Devs can do what ever they like, weather GP exists or not, its their choice.

Well I'm talking hypothetically. Right now Game pass isn't big enough to force anything. However, it is kinda scary when we have a trillion $ company with the recources to buy major publishers and force a sub model that could potentially disrupt the entire industry. If Microsoft starts putting major IPs D1 on game pass, people will likely expect everything to come to gp and stop buying games alltogether. Problem with that is that only a certain type of games seem to be feasible with the gp model. For example, here's why Calisto Protocol is not coming to Game pass

"Speaking to True Achievements, Chief Technology Officer Mark James dissed Game Pass and went on to describe the model as "difficult." Although The Callisto Protocol team might "think about it" for Game Pass, we wouldn't count on it. James continued: "You play through once [in The Callisto Protocol]. I think those services are built towards some of the open-world style and repetitive multiplayer games. I think games [like that] survive well on that service."

According to James, Games Pass doesn't always fit for independent studios that release single-player games. Well, at least in financial terms. He goes on to remind us that there are single-player games on Game Pass or coming to it - we're looking at you Starfield - but he thinks they'll come from the hardware companies themselves."


Last edited by Bob80 - on 19 September 2022