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In the other poll a said it would be way under the x1 lifetime. Now I'm thinking it will be around the x1.

One MS is dead set on abandoning hardware it seems. Also the games they are making can be run on crappy PC hardware and PC gamepass has more games. so there's very little incentive to own the box.

second the Xbox is being helped by the disastrous state of the PC component prices. Next month we will have the new gpus announced and rumors are they will be pricey and for Nvidia massive power hogs. I do see a lot of PC gamers going back to consoles until things cool down.

Third the games output has never been worse for the brand. It doesn't make sense that a company with so much money and so many bought studios has had 2 out the 3 years this Gen is out with zero big games. They buy studios and they seem to go into decay immediately and join the other Xbox studios. Even if they buy Activision I don't see much improvement cuz it's not the number of studios is management that's the problem. But out of sheer numbers it has to be better than the x1 Gen.

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