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rapsuperstar31 said:

Technology prices generally go down not up.  The cost of making video games might be higher, but the distribution prices are way cheaper for digital games and you have other ways to make a profit such as loot boxes and dlc that weren't there on the ps1/Saturn days.  Selling a million copies used to be a big deal, and now some big games are considered a disappointment if they fail to hit 5 million, hell people consider The Last of Us part 2's 10 million a disappointment. Video game companies can only charge what people are willing to pay for them.  If gamers are willing to pay $70, $100, or more for a game, than companies can charge it, if gamers are not willing to pay that than companies need to figure out how to lower the cost of development or the game industry just implodes one day.  Most of the video game companies are continuing to report record breaking profits these days, even with the impending if not already here recession. 

It's not Sony that is posting record breaking profits though

And yes thanks to digital, MTX, DLC, Season passes it has taken until now that video game prices see a price hike