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Yeah I agree with the rest I think Xbox is the most unpredictable currently. Remember software pushes hardware sales, it really depends on how Microsoft uses their acquisition and games + Gamepass. I'm pretty optimistic predicting that this will be the best Xbox console in history selling more than the 360. I guess about 100m.

Multiple factors
1. Xbox having the momentum currently
2. Increase in gaming interest and market, bringing more players to console. However, console market overall hasn't increased since the 360 era.
3. Just looking at their actions, you could tell they are serious this time around. I'm not sure if their profit would be too great, but their revenue should be.

Microsoft doesn't share much numbers related to gaming anymore, but I'm sure they will share data if it passes 100m or 360 to appeal to their investors or let everybody know Xbox is doing good (to create more momentum (just like Nintendo with Splatoon). The only issues are stock shortage and stagnation in the gaming industry at the moment.