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ZyroXZ2 said:

I'm noticing it, and maybe you are, too: PlayStation is showing increasingly greedy signs. But the one I continue to take issue with is the $10 increase in their game prices. Acting happy to pay that extra isn't the flex PS fans think it is.

No written version, but because I'm avoiding it, but because this is more of PSA video.  It's a good thing there's such a tiny Sony fandom presence on the forum... ... lol

You claim you cant blame Inflation, because in 2022 more people are spending money buying video games than ever before.
Do you have a source for that? Like are you sure, game sales are higher in 2022, than in 2021? 2020? 
20 million consoles is little compaired to the 100m+ PS4s out there, like Im sure they where makeing money selling games in years before.

Meanwhile global inflation is like 8% on avg now (in 2022) and will likely go up by another 8% in 2023.
That alone is like 5$ increase justified (8% of 60$) (next years inflation, 70$ will be the same as last years 60$).

How long will it take before Microsoft and Nintendo up their prices? and will you make videos about that, next year (if it happends then)?

Also theres something to be said about quality of titles, and their types vs prices to make them.
Ofc a huge story telling 1st party game, costs more to make than say a nintendo platformer or a MS online shooter or such.

Sony obviously felt they needed to increase prices, and arnt just doing it for greed (I assume, why assume the worst?).

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 17 September 2022