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twintail said:

I think really for me the only disappointing part of PSVR1 games not automatically working is that I don't think Sony will bother to update all of their games/ apps for use with it.

I'd love to be surprised. I'd hate for some of their ps4 software to just be sort of 'lost' so to speak.

But at the same time, I doubt it really affects me at all lol.

Either way, it's understandable, and I look forward to seeing what Sony does in the VR space. I'm hoping for a great collection of exclusives and hybrid games.

True, one of my favorites was a very niche game that maybe only a few hundred people played, Cavernous Wastes, made by 1 person. I doubt that will ever get updated. However he might make Cavernous Wastes 2 instead :) It doesn't look like it though, very inactive