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The result is probably better when each dev 'remasters' their game for the new controls, sensors and feedback.

There are quite a few hurdles to overcome:

9 buttons on move vs 7 buttons on the new controllers
Many PSVR games use the DS4, DS4/DS5 can't be tracked by the new headset
All the button prompts and floating VR controllers have to be updated
Sharpshooter can't be tracked either
Very likely different barrel distortion on the new headset
Plus whatever voodoo went on with the actual head tracking and reprojection to double 60fps to 120fps.

Some things can be done with a lot of programming and conversion, yet converting things like the barrel distortion might actual lower image quality. It could work, but might not even be as good as playing on the original. The more I think about it, the harder the problem gets! At least with remasters/upgrades the devs can render in higher resolution and update the HUD and menus accordingly without it looking like a blurry mess.