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Kyuu said:

I don't like the floatiness when running and changing directions (NieR Automata spoiled me) but apart from that, the animations look pretty solid to me.

There is nothing floaty about the gameplay. In comparison to 2B and crew, Valkyrie feels like a tank. Lot of weight behind everything she does.

Finally finished the demo.

- You're graded on every quest and sub quest. Item usage tanks score. Managed an A on the main quest and first sub quest. S rank on second quest which happens to be the one where I didn't use any items. 

- Boss was pretty tough. Really put emphasis on how not 2B Valkyrie is haha. Kept wishing Valkyrie was a little more agile Breaking from a combo to dodge or guard 

- Second weapon is great a farming jewels from enemies Its low combined with a crush state leads to loads of gems.

Again I enjoyed myself big time. No regrets preordering the premium edition. I'm gonna be pissed if there is a difficulty trophy though. Would mean all this progress goes tp waste.