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Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's the word that keeps springing to mind when I try to sum up my time with PlayStation VR2. As a fervent fan of VR for many years now, it's safe to say that my first hands-on experience with Sony's upcoming headset wowed my VR-loving socks off. This sleek and stylish unit was all I could have wanted for an upgraded PSVR headset and much, much more.

In terms of technological and visual quality, this feels like one of the more memorable generational console leaps. Experiencing the difference in visuals between the PSVR1 and the PSVR2 brought back memories of graduating to the sparkly, sharp, high-definition games of a PS3 after spending years playing games on the PS2 in standard definition.

Even the visuals afforded by my beefy PC VR rig seemed to pale in comparison to some of the wonders I witnessed whilst inside the PSVR2 and you can watch me breathlessly gush over it in the video below.

So what exactly did I find so great about the PlayStation VR 2? What, in my opinion, elevates it above the majority of consumer VR units on the market at the moment. Well, it's honestly hard to know where to start as I was given such a generous amount of time with the PSVR2 that there's a lot to talk about.

I'll be getting one (or two) day 1 :)