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 A quick sum up: Dragon's Dogma without the the climbing. I was reminded ALOT of that game.

1. This is a long demo. Trial would have been more accurate. I have not finished it as of writing this. For the first time I will be starting the game from where I left off on the demo when the full version is released. I never do this.

2. Lets not waste any more time and lets go over the battle system.

- A very grounded battle system. Less anime and more realistic but with flaire. If you have played Ninja Gaiden (or DMC) then you will be familiar with the powerup system for both Valkyrie and her weapons. Nearly identical. Valkyrie's progression is divided between Attack, defense, and support and as weapons level up you get more inputs and power. You will the use of various elemental gems to power both Valkyrie and weapons.

- You can summon warriors at any time. Every time a warrior is summoned they will give you access to an element. They reminded me of Pawns which lore wise I can see why they would be a possible inspiration.

- It takes MP to summon warriors and every warrior you summon it takes a chunk of MP and then on top of that MP is slowly drained while warrior is active. The more Warriors you have active the faster it drains. Instead of summoning every warrior at once you may just think about summoning one that will be most effective for battle.

- Valkyrie has access to elemental magic and if she uses this magic while imbued with the same element from the her warriors it gets more powerful and has added effects.

- You want to abuse that because attacking enemies with their elemental weakness puts them in a guard crush state which leaves them stunned, increases damage and gives you way more elemental gems.

3. The maps of locations are very vertical. You will be putting those movement skills to the test to get around these maps. Treasures and collectables are scattered about.

4. Warriors can also be used outside of battles to help clear obstacles. 

5. Music is great thanks to Sakaruba but his style in this entry is more grounded as well. No synths or rocking guitars so far. :( 

6. Presentation good; more so the art direction though. Graphically it is mid tier budget project.

I am enjoying myself, but I will admit that I am not wowed so fay. Elysium does a great job of taking the ingredients of Valkyrie and Soleil action game knowledge and incorporating them into an action rpg which, realistically, is not a huge accomplishment because because VP2 was one step shy of being a full on action rpgs anyways.

Last edited by Xxain - on 15 September 2022