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zero129 said:
SvennoJ said:

Exact same situation on console... Consoles never needed PC, and still don't. But extra sales, means bigger budgets continue to be possible.

PC has needed console money for the same reason, bigger budgets to make bigger games. Do you really believe GTA would have the same size world if it was a PC only game? The Witcher 3 is not cherry picking an exception. There's a reason why the biggest games are multi platform or first party. Is the Witcher 3 weaker than the Witcher 2? (I haven't played the 3rd one on PC, the 2nd did have plenty issues, massive slowdown in places)

Now your moving away from your original post something i wont allow you to do.


True, A lot of PC games are 'subsidized' by console games. Without the better margins on console game sales, even if all console gamers continue gaming on PC, there will be less revenue and thus smaller budgets. Yet maybe PC can continue growing. Otherwise games will become dependent on streaming and more and more F2P. That will definitely impact how and what games are made.

But it's also possible consoles stick around. It's still the easiest way to play bigger games in good hassle free quality. The 'hangout with your friends online' setting isn't the same on mobile. The next generation is playing on console. My oldest kid is hanging out with his friends in Rust and other games on console. My youngest is more into PC, playing Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite on Switch.

Handheld market was taken over by mobile, yet will streaming similarly take over console gaming? And actually the handheld market is still alive in the Switch. Part of that console revenue in that graph is from the Switch which is more handheld than console. Plus now we have Steamdeck as well."

That was your original comment and to me it seems like its PC that is subsidized by consoles sales dont you think?. And clearly consoles do need PC or just like the past their games wouldnt be releasing on it. once again you contradict your self..

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question or what you're trying to say. I don't see a contradiction, I read it over multiple times.

Maybe Hynad explains it better. Neither 'need' each other, yet to be able to make bigger more expensive games, also releasing them on other platforms will allow bigger budgets. PC games can be bigger thanks to also selling on consoles, and console games can be bigger thanks to also selling on PC. And there are people that buy on both platforms, people that double dip between console generations, people that buy remakes / remasters. (I do anyway)

So if no more consoles, all that extra revenue goes away. Same if no more PC, lower budgets. As I said before, the biggest games are multi platform or first party, ie money hatted to support the platform. That's another thing that goes away when consoles disappear, money hats to help development. Great not to have timed exclusivity anymore, but on the flip side, lower budgets.

It almost feels like you're celebrating the demise of consoles, not that it will happen any time soon if at all. However chances are, if that happens, most of those console gamers will switch to streaming or mobile gaming. That's not good for PC games either. Less choice is never good in the long run.