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RolStoppable said:
Chrkeller said:

Is Sony's succes our greatest enemy?

Not really. This video focuses on an actual issue ($10 price increase for games) and brings up at least one good reason why games don't need to cost more at launch: That the market is much bigger than in the past and therefore individual games sell more copies than they used to.

Other reasons why games don't need to cost more are the rising number of DLCs and MTXs which provide developers with much more income than the price tag for the base game.

It's a pretty tame video in comparison with the stuff he makes about Nintendo. Of course, this video is still pretty bad, because it spends more than half of its runtime on addressing strawman arguments or things that only a tiny fraction of PlayStation's internet fanbase would say. Can't get by without a good dose of bait, I guess.

And here I though people in VGC say the market is stagnant with the userbase of PS2+Xbox Org+GC = PS3+X360 = PS4+X1, etc so the market isn't much bigger than in the past. And during launch the market to sell the games is usually smaller unless you go crossgen.

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