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padib said:

It took for him to attack Sony for mods to react? Make up your minds and be more platform neutral.

Does the Steam Deck REALLY Destroy the Switch?

We haven't taken any actual action thus far.
Nor are we all Pro-Sony, you should know better than that with the amount of PC gamers on the team like myself.

Chrizum received the warning because it was an open attack on another individual, nothing to do with the platform itself, nor is this even the appropriate avenue to have a whinge.

Qwark said:

I am not that against the 70 euro price for a game if it's a very high budget game. Square Enix does it pretty well I think. Lower budget titles as diofield chronicles are around 50 euro (disc), while games like Forspoken and probably Final Fantasy 16 will be more expensive.

Which is better than 5he route Sony takes that everything is top dollar including TLOU p1 and to an extent Returnal. On the bright side PS games decrease in price over time. The 10 euro upgrade between versions is more stinging if you ask me.

Actually if games stayed at a static $60 US indefinitely, games would actually be getting cheaper over time due to inflation.

Yeah, higher prices suck. Yeah. It's not Pro-Consumer. Those are all relevant... I would prefer prices stayed the same or gotten cheaper, that benefits us the consumer... And the only way that will happen is with constructive criticism.

There has been a ton of examples in the past where console manufacturers have done something absurd, only for the community to create an uproar, which in return has meant the reversal of a policy.
Sadly that hasn't happened with these price increases.

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