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zero129 said:
Angelv577 said:

Not gonna lie. steam deck is the first handheld device that have gotten my attention. Just the fact that you can play bunch of third parties from steam and emulate bunch of old games as well makes it in my eyes the best handheld available. The only thing keeping me from getting one is time and finding the way to make emulation work since I am not PC tech savy. I feel intimidated trying to figure out how to make emulation work.

I hear its not really that hard on steamdeck to make emulation work. The is some pretty great how to videos on youtube too.

But like you its one of the first handhelds i've been interested in in a long time and i already own a PC too but being able to relax in bed or when im away from home and still be able to play my games is the main selling point for me.

I need to look into those videos to see if my fears goes away. Also being able to tweak settings on games like in PC without going through the hazzle of building one is also a huge plus for me.  And the best part for me is that the games are native instead of streaming.  I think by christmas I am getting one.  plenty of time to decide.