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It’s not really hyped or even talked about much here  yet. Doesn’t really feel like anyone really cares or maybe people aren’t expecting much. On the other hand it’s still a while away.

Though it’s probably also because it’s in Qatar, which isn’t popular. At all. I read it’s similar in England and some other places as well. Travel agencies actually had to cancel all sorts of arrangements because there wasn’t much interest. We’ll see of supermarkets will again do promotions with all kinds of orange crap.

Calling a winner, difficult. Every one of the big teams has a chance, I’d say either Argentina or France again. Brazil is probably going to dramatically crash and burn again, and Germany isn’t really up to snuff yet though they can always surprise. Belgium buckles under pressure, so does England.

RolStoppable said:

(..) while the Netherlands are still in the phase of creating a new coherent team. (..)

We are perpetually in this phase.

We’re just lucky we are in the weakest group ever again, like in the past Euros, and then after three questionable wins everyone will get hyped about how we’re easily going to win the whole thing only to hopelessly lose the second we’re up against a team that isn’t a complete joke in the Round of 16.

EDIT: Winner of Group A (likely Netherlands otherwise we’re really terrible) takes on Runner-up of B, so probably United States or Wales. We could still win that. If England happens to be runner-up then no, we’re out. Then in Quarter Finals it would be against the winner of Winner of C versus Runner-up of D, which are likely Argentina versus Denmark, which Argentina wins making the Quarter Final Netherlands versus Argentina. No chance for us to win that, so my prediction concerning my own country; we go out in the Quarter Finals at best, could potentially go out in the Round of 16.

Last edited by S.Peelman - on 01 September 2022