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Paatar said:
JRPGfan said:

Rise + Sunbreak combined have done over 10m.

Shatts said:

Interesting, did it sell more than World?

Monster hunter World is in the 21-22m range. Iceborn expansion was over 9m by end of 2021.

Honestly hope they do a Monster Hunter World 2.
It felt like a step back, going from what they could do with MH in world vs Rise.

From a world design perspective, I see how they might have gone back a bit. From a gameplay perspective though? Absolutely not. Rise completely trumps World in terms of the smoothness and variety of the gameplay. The wire bugs are game changers and the online is way more streamlined like the old games compared to World. 


MH rise was, mechanics, better than the world. The gameplay was fantastic, try to play World before, gorgeous graphics, but the gameplay-wise seems less variety.