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the-pi-guy said:
method114 said:

I believe this is true. Unfortunately we just learned that twitter is working with the US government to ban people so looks like either way we are screwed. Makes sense why they wanted to setup the ministry of truth now. Instead of just having random people from the admin calling these social companies and telling them what to do they wanted a whole department setup and ready to go.

They are?

Yep Alex Berenson sued and was able to prove that the white house was consistently pushing twitter to ban him until the finally complied and did. I think the scariest thing to me about this is it puts the government in a position to use these companies to violate our first amendment rights. That way they government can say "we aren't violating your free speech rights these companies can do what they want". Meanwhile they are in the back room calling these companies begging them to ban you and who knows what else goes on in these back room conversations.