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method114 said:
RolStoppable said:

Musk is for free speech only as long as it serves himself, which means he is actually not for free speech. But this is in line with the definition of free speech of the far-right, so naturally he will have a lot of fans among them.

I believe this is true. Unfortunately we just learned that twitter is working with the US government to ban people so looks like either way we are screwed. Makes sense why they wanted to setup the ministry of truth now. Instead of just having random people from the admin calling these social companies and telling them what to do they wanted a whole department setup and ready to go.

Almost half way down the link is a timeline of Musks political contributions.


The billionaire entrepreneur has forged — and oftentimes just as quickly abandoned — myriad political allegiances over the years.

Elon Musk’s GOP ties deepen as he appears at a Trump-aligned donor event [Video] (

Looks as perhaps it depends on which side he's on, which in terms of contributions, seems like he's been center from about 2000-2020 and has only recently contributed only to Republicans. In which case he's said it's only because he feels the Democrats have shifted too far left as of right now. He also said Trump should pass the torch and be done with politics.

Though it also shows he's contributed to one party in the past early on, only to then also contribute to the opposition later on in the same election. He could change his stance at any time or just play both sides still regardless based on his past.

Hard to say he's chosen a final side, but as to who I've quoted here, maybe he really is only playing his own politics and doesn't care about either side.

Question is, is that a good thing or bad thing, and would that be for the better or worse for Twitter in the end?

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 18 August 2022