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Oh she's taking it !!
Switch is not soon to be replaced since they kept saying it was in the middle of it's lifecycle last year. I do expect atleast 2 other good years of support for it.

At the end of 2022 : 123 millions
2023 with Zelda, less manufacture problems, Mario movie and maybe a game, don't see it doing less than 18 millions : 141 millions
2024, Probably last good year, Metroid Prime 4 etc etc maybe around 12 millions : 153 millions
They can sell another few millions if they want to phase it out and make it cheaper.

I know we didn't get a price drop yet, and i feel like some expect the Switch to never have one. Nintendo probably won't release the successor at higher than 400$ and it would be weird having OLED 50$ cheaper than the new model. So as long as they can keep the price to the actual Switch at 300-350$, there is literally no reason to release a new one. Nintendo mainly likes to have a new console when the other one isn't interesting the public or has reached the barrel as far as price point can be. So i do expect Switch to get it's cheaper moment some day. I have plenty of people in my entourage that are still on the fence of getting one just because it is too expensive for casual gamers.