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fauzman said:

Good review. As a fan of the LBP games, I have been planning on picking this up and your review helped convince me.

Oh you'll enjoy it, just be sure to bring some friends along! Makes all the difference because the levels seemed far more designed for multiple people than the LBP games were!

Signalstar said:

Ratchet and Clank All 4 One did 3D co-op platforming before Mario...

I mean, I didn't say SM3DW invented 4 player co-op, though I'd argue that R&C A4O was more of a railed (though on-foot) shooter than it was a platformer.  Though, it's funny you mention that because as a side note, it shows just how far behind Nintendo is when it comes to online play seeing as how SM3DW didn't get online play until it was ported to the Switch which is TEN YEARS after R&C A4O lol

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