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Runa216 said:

Updated list (In chronological order of completion):

9.3/10 * Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut (PS5)
9.4/10 * It Takes Two (PS5)
9.7/10 * The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS5)
6.8/10 * A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5
7.7/10 * A Way out
9.7/10 * Elden Ring (PS5)
5.0/10 * My Name Is Mayo
5.1/10 * My Name is Mayo 2
7.2/10 * New Super Lucky's Tale
4.5/10 * FoxyLand
4.7/10 * FoxyLand 2
6.4/10 * MetaGal
5.2/10 * Micetopia
0.5/10 * The Jumping Burger
0.5/10 * The Jumping Burger (PS5)
5.2/10 * My Name is Mayo 3
9.0/10 * Kaze and the Wild Masks
8.4/10 * Overcooked! All you Can Eat (PS5)
0.5/10 * The Jumping Fries
0.5/10 * The Jumping Fries (PS5)
6.0/10 * Black Wolf
6.0/10 * Black Wolf (PS5)
9.4/10 * Cuphead and the Delicious Last Course
6.8/10 * Krut: The Mythic Wings (PS5)
8.9/10 * Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesL Shredder's Revenge

Currently Working on (And plan on getting platinum trophies):

CrossCode (PS5)
Elden Ring (PS4)
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5)
Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5)
Stray (PS5)
Untitled Goose Game (PS4)
Webbed (PS4)

*=Platinum Achieved

Not gonna lie I do NOT feel good about those cheap 'bought platinums'. Saw "My Name is Mayo" on sale one day, heard about how it's a silly insta-platinum, decided 'eh, why not', had a good time for how dumb it was, then spent like 20 bucks getting all those other ones where you basically just press a few buttons and get the platinum. It was kind of novelty for a week or two, but now I'm seeing like 4 of them release every day on PSN and I just can't buy into that. I only want to get platinum trophies on games I like or it comes naturally. Not bought. if I could delete them I would (Can't if you've actually achieved any trophies)

I was about to give you the benefit of the doubt with the Foxy land games since we all make mistakes and later games can be better, but I can't trust the gaming opinions of anyone who follows up Mayo with the rest of the series, now like I said in reference to Foxy land an occasional mistake doesn't render ones opinion null and void but in  the Mayo case insanity does.???

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot