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“driven by concerns that the titles cannibalized sales of the rest of the group and so it could improve capital efficiency” - Their explanation for why the sold Edios.

da may no cents.

May 2013 - Square Enix said despite a "high critical acclaim" for each title, sales still came up short. In particular, the publisher called its North American sales force "ineffective," noting that title sales in this region made up just a third of the number of units sold in Europe

2019 - "Meanwhile, while we released “JUST CAUSE 4,” we sold fewer units on launch than we had anticipated and were therefore unable to offset charges such as the amortization of development costs. " - Square Enix, during their investor call today.

5/2022 Square Enix claims that the underperformance of Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy lost them $200 million. The company famously reports almost all of its western games as failures.

They have never had anything positive to say about their western studios sales... so how are they all of a sudden strong enough to be cannibalizing the rest of the group?

They are selling their western studios to be a Japanese focused development studio for their buyer *coughsonysough*