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Conina said:
gtotheunit91 said:

Idk if it’s ever been asked, but is there any way that the Steam hardware survey could give any idea as to how many sales of the Steam Deck there are?

A Steam Deck and Steam hardware survey question? My batsignals are tingling.

Currently 7.6% of the Linux systems in the survey:

Linux itself is at 1.23% of all Steam systems:

The total number of active Steam accounts is probably between 200 and 300 million accounts.

So if we calculate with 250m, it would seem that a quarter million Steam Decks are used:

250m * 1.23% * 7.6% = 233.700 Steam Decks.

The BIG problem: Steam Decks only get the survey invitation in developer mode. Most Steam Deck users play in normal game mode.

So it could be even over one million Steam Decks so far, we don't know until Valve announces a milestone.

Still an exciting proposition in figuring out what numbers might look like! Thanks for looking into it!