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I'll miss Maxwell. The 970 was such a legendary GPU from it's time. The MSRP was $329 while being able to trade blows with the much more expensive 980 who's MSRP was $549 was insane. Not to mention it rolfstomped the 780 Ti from the previous generation which had an MSRP of $700. And unlike it's rival from AMD and their 300 series, Maxwell is still getting driver updates from Nvidia.

These days it's all segmented too well to where that sort of a situation will rarely happen. But back then, it was incredible to see. Not to mention the 3.5GB memes.


                   PC Specs: CPU: 7800X3D || GPU: Strix 4090 || RAM: 32GB DDR5 6000 || Main SSD: WD 2TB SN850