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160rmf said:

Fauna: still tossed around in the scenario, pokemon roaming around, with idle and rest animations. While my idea of having a dynamic and lively wildlife, exploring every single uniqueness from each species (similar to pokemon snap), doesn't look to be their priority.

Evolve the idea to make your pokemon team to use their abilities to explore the world: Not only fly and swim. What happened to flash, strength, dive? You could have many other abilities that already exist to use as world exploration or puzzle solving techniques, like Minimize to enter in small sections... idk the possibilities are infinite but it looks even less used for the next interaction.

Pokemon Company really should think off a spin-off series with this focus. Maybe a Kanto remake, because I know putting the entire dex with this specifications would be far demanding.

1: That would be really cool, but with hundreds of different species interacting, I question just how doable such an implementation would be.

2: No, just no. HMs and similar moves have been yeeted from the series for a good reason. They sucked and everyone hated them.

3: This already exists. It's called Pokémon Legends Arceus. Also for the love of god, no more Kanto. That region has been done to death already.