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Here's how I'd rank the generations:


Of course I definitely have the most nostalgia for Gen 3 & 4 (which contained remakes of Gens 1 & 2 as well) because that is what I grew up with, but I just also really liked those games more than everything that came after. I also preferred the anime at these points as opposed to later points. The newer games, especially starting with Gen 7, aren't really doing it for me. I thought BDSP were OK at least.

I don't really have high hopes for SV and haven't even settled on if I want the games or not, which would be a first for me. Doesn't help that we don't know much about the games to begin with, though hopefully the upcoming Presents changes that to a degree.

Honestly, I feel like Sinnoh was such a great region with great characters. music and Pokemon. DP are pretty flawed, but at least Pt fixed a lot of problems.