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Azzanation said:

I will pick one up when its available in Australia however ill probably get the base model.

I do wonder when it'll be available there (and some other regions).  They're already barely keeping up with demand, now, and have somehow managed to secure nearly double the manufacturing pace (likely attributed to the use of different SSD manufacturers).

You probably weren't around, but I did show games running off the SD card, they run fine in case you were worried about that!  I think that'll only really affect AAA games pushing tech limits, but MGSV, Spyro remake trilogy, Witcher III, they all ran perfectly fine off the SD card.

And yea, the best bang for your buck is the base model, but I didn't want to open mine up in case I decide to give it away just to slot an M2 in it myself, so I opted for the 256 even knowing that I paid a little more than I needed do.  I even told me friend that she should get the base model if she ends up being interested (she's BIG on handheld gaming, loves getting comfortable in bed to play games lmfao)

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