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yo33331 said:
Wyrdness said:

You should probably articulate a bit more on your reasoning otherwise it can come across to people unintentionally as lowballing even as an opinion. Me personally I think Nintendo will keep the Switch going as it caters to two parallel markets one of which they have a monopoly on so waiting is a viable option as it gives them the option of better tech in the successor while not risking much.

For example if XSS level tech with DLSS/FSR is available now for hybrid forms but not financially viable keeping the Switch going another two years to let the tech become viable or close to it is a good idea especially when you're 110m and climbing. 

Don't be surprised if they even wait until 2025 to release a successor as they are not following the same ideal as Sony or MS and they have a monopoly on one part of the market. 

My native language is not english, that's why I can't express exactly 100% right and how I would want to every single time. But I think I've learned it at good level at least. But yes I can agree with you on this. It needs improving on such things as reasoning and explaining better.

As for the XBSS good example, but then again see Gamecube and Wii, Wii U and Switch, they haven't waited or needed better tech for launching next gen console.

And what Nintendo think or plan to do we don't know yet. We will see in the following 1 to 3 years.

GC, Wii and WiiU weren't hybrids that had a monopoly as a backup, for reference look at the GB it was nine years until the GBC model came out and this was because the tech they wanted for the GBA wasn't viable yet. When waiting is an option for them they will take it.