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ClassicGamingWizzz said:

The only game that might beat elden ring is gow2 and from what i see it is like horizon 2 , a sequel too similar to the first entry. Both amazing but missing something to wow us.

Elden ring is dark souls improved in every way. It will win .

Exactly my thoughts. Since breath of the wild that I haven't been so into a game like elden ring, it feels fresh, different, new, and by far the best most beautiful open world I've ever seen. Talking open worlds, as I see it, ghost of tsushima was a boring, by the book assassins creed with no innovation, and obviously last gen. Far Cry 6 was a disappointment, worse than the previous ones. Forbidden west is excellent, one of my top 3 games this generation, but its just a slightly improved zero dawn, graphics even were similar to zero dawn on PC/PS4 pro. HDR did not even impressed me no where near what Elden Ring did with its beautiful illumination.

Elden Ring also has a better presentation, I dislike when games put the characters talking and talking and talking all the time, its a video game, gamers need to feel in that world, and open world should be us exploring, not constantly walking with another person slowly without much control. Ghost of tsushima was even worse in this.

Elden Ring is a pure game, its you and the world, no chit chat, no slowly walking with someone, no constant cutscenes, in fact Elden Ring does something that breath of the wild did very right, less reliance on arrows or tracks or wind pointing the direction you have to go, it leaves more to the player to figure out where they have to go, this is great as I hate just following arrows without needing to engage my brain. I can guarantee you that God of war 2 will have this issue, cutscenes all the time, to be more movie like, constant talking, constant parts where you need to walk together with another character, it was innovative when gears of war came out, but stop it already, we don't want games to be movies and play by themselves.

In my opinion breath of the wild and Elden Ring are the 2 best games of the past 15 years, maybe even the 2 best games in the history of videogames. Elden Ring slightly wins just because of the graphics and performance/loadings.

The only thing missing in Elden Ring is proper use of the adaptive triggers, let us feel the pressure of pulling the bow and let us feel the pressure of using heavier weapons.