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HoloDust said:

Elden Ring - it's far from perfect, and while I'd take any Souls over it for THE Souls experience, it is a great game that brought Souls to the open world, without sacrificing (too much) of its core design principles.

Elden ring is better than any souls game. Not only its full open world, but the graphics and details is way better, and its the most beautiful open world I've ever seen, graphics are even better than forbidden west and that's saying a lot, Elden Ring is the only game so far that looks current gen to me on ps5, and I have also a PC with better specs than the PS5.

The design of the world, the fast loadings, the graphics, art style, pace, enemies, imagination, sense of exploration and wonder, everything is just right. Before this one, my favourite was demon souls remake, I just cant understand how they improve the graphics while making it full open world now, that's a big achievement for Elden ring.

Lets not even talk the older souls like bloodborne that just look absolutely horrible, it didn't even get a ps4 pro update and its not open world, its not even 60fps which is critical on a game of this type.

Elden Ring in HDR, especially when the rain is falling, is a sight to behold, most beautiful game I've ever seen after 32 years of gaming, after hundreds of games.

I really do not understand your comment about elden ring being far from perfect, if this is far from perfect then no game ever made is even close to being great.

Surely perfect is impossible to achieve, nothing can ever be perfect, but this is the closest I've ever see.

I also do not understand what you mean with the souls experience, this has the souls experience, its just open world but the rest is the same, you get the same blocking with a shield and counters and difficulty and each enemy being different, its all souls here, did you actually played Elden Ring or are you just commenting after watching some videos?