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yo33331 said:

I don't think 160M is impossible. As I said in one of my other posts. There is a difference between what is possible and what will actually happen. What will actually happen will happen because Nintendo may not choose to milk the Switch till the max. I think if Nintendo wants and do everything they can Switch can pass 160M even reach 180M with the sales pace it had and it continues to have. However I don't think Nintendo (or every other manufacturer) care about Lifetime figures after a certain point. So I think Nintendo won't do the neccessary for the Switch to pass those 160M. But again this is only my opinion and nothing is impossible of course. I am no doubting it can't be attained or reach. I doubt if it will really happen. My original prediction was made because I thought shortages will be gone by end of 2021 (which would in my opinion lower future switch sales and of course give PS5 and XBSX more sales than they are doing now.) I have changed my Lifetime prediction for the Switch this year to the range 140-150M.

I agree with your second point. Also I don't need to bookmark everything. Everything can be found. But there were couple of predictions and votes of Switch reaching 170, 180M and even 200M, yes.

You should probably articulate a bit more on your reasoning otherwise it can come across to people unintentionally as lowballing even as an opinion. Me personally I think Nintendo will keep the Switch going as it caters to two parallel markets one of which they have a monopoly on so waiting is a viable option as it gives them the option of better tech in the successor while not risking much.

For example if XSS level tech with DLSS/FSR is available now for hybrid forms but not financially viable keeping the Switch going another two years to let the tech become viable or close to it is a good idea especially when you're 110m and climbing. 

Don't be surprised if they even wait until 2025 to release a successor as they are not following the same ideal as Sony or MS and they have a monopoly on one part of the market.