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Agente42 said:
Kakadu18 said:

The Switch is declining in software sales? Where are we seeing that? And why would the entire market crash because of that?

The Market decreased when Sony "dominated" Japanese market, last year has decreased a little, but is bigger than dark years (2013 -2016). Digital estimates for white book I don´t remember are accurate. 

The gaming market as a whole is not crashing. The decrease in software sales in the 2011ish time is due to mobile market joining the gaming space. Mobile is huge in Asia so I think the gaming revenue in fact increasing. Console sales are going to only decrease from here at this pace. Unless someone makes a revolutionary concept, I don't see console market increasing in the future. Sony has poor reputation in Japan currently due to multiple issues, and Nintendo is the only one that has some sort of presence. Hardcore gamers are shifting to pc, casual are staying with mobile.