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zero129 said:
DonFerrari said:

It is really odd that in some games even PS4 version kinda outdo the version on best PCs... some devs do crazy stuff.

Even more so when SE already done such a great job with the PC version of FFXV by adding so many features exclusive to the PC version only to then take a giant step back with the FF7 Remake. But in fairness they fixed most of the issues with the remake and fans fixed a lot of issues too with mods. But still pretty shocking for it to be lacking so many features the PC version of FFXV had. But i still cant deny the remake was still such a great looking game even if it lacked a lot of features. Hopefully SE can get a good porting studio to do Rebirth for PC like they did with FFXV.

Advantages of patience, will pay cheaper and have a more stable better looking game.

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