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yo33331 said:
curl-6 said:

Switch tracking nearly 50% ahead of 2019, it's 3rd year, in its 6th year.

Calm down.

2019 got way stronger from september onwards and had almost equal to 2021 last 4 months worldwide and second best in japan after only 2020.

3rd or 6th year doesn't really matter, there are many anomalies with so much different consoles and sales paths or particular years between them.

2022 will finish around 2019 total in the 18-20M range, and next year will most likely be lower than 2018' 16.4M.

The same goes true for the japan sales as well. Around 4-4.5M this year, and probably 3M next year.

I hope so. Then the Switch will only be 1 million away from outselling the DS in Japan and become the best selling console in the country.