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manuel said:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Steam recognizes it as a generic controller, and the game has full controller support.

Inside the Steam calibration, when I try to rotate the sticks, only up and down register. It's like left/right doesn't exist, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

Definitely a Steam setting issue!

Here's a tip that I found that you can give a try

Launch Big Picture Mode from Steam>Library>select the game you're trying to play>Manage Game>Controller Options>From the dropdown menu, select Forced Off and save everything.

It'll restart Steam afterwards and give it a try. This was a tip I found in the Steam forums where someone was complaining about their joystick not working properly with Steam games. It worked flawlessly with the non-Steam version of a game, but not the Steam version. So this sounds very similar to your issue.