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manuel said:

I'm using a wireless adapter from 8BitDo to connect a Wii U Pro controller to my Windows 10 computer.

So far so good.

In the  Win 10 controller configuration/test (joy.cpl) all buttons and sticks work without a problem.

Same on

Everything works.

But when I try to use it on a steam game, the directions left/right on both sticks don't register at all. Up/down works, but not left/right.

Has anybody ever had a similar problem and maybe a fix?

It's a perfectly working and good controller, but this is driving me mad, because I don't understand why left/right won't work.

(I already tried re-installing the device/driver, no luck.)

Thanks in advance!

You may have to go into the controller settings within Steam and select that you're using a Switch controller or generic controller.

Go to Steam (upper left hand corner)>Settings>Controller>General Controller Settings 

Steam doesn't always do the best job of automatically detecting what controller you're using.

Also, since you're using a Wii U pro controller, make sure the game you're playing has "Full Controller Support." If the games Steam page has it listed as Partial Controller Support or doesn't say at all, that also might be the reason it's not working correctly.