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I will say that the way Sony is handling their PC ports is surprisingly better than I expected because they seem to embrace technologies on PC that for some reason, feels oddly absent on many Microsoft's first party titles. For example DLSS and Reflex. God of War and now Spiderman Remastered are coming with DLSS and GoW also has Nvidia Reflex. Both of which are really fap worthy technologies on PC. Meanwhile many MS games like Forza Horizon 5 does not have it. Luckily some MS games are starting to have DLSS like MS Flight Sim so hopefully they will implement it with more of their games going forward.

Personally as an owner of PC, PS5 and a Switch (Gave my Series X away to my nephew for his bday), I think I am at a point where I will wait the months to years for exclusives to come to PC instead of buying them on consoles. Not only do you generally get 20-30% off from websites like Green man gaming but I like the fact that I don't have to worry about the shenanigans from platform holders such as whether or not next gen will have BC or paying for online or lack of mod support and etc. Probably the only exception will be Nintendo games cause it's unlikely they will be coming anytime soon and Final Fantasy as they will be on Playstation exclusively for a year or two.

But yea, it is a fantastic time to be a PC gamer. Especially with GPU prices going back to normal and even below MSRP. And with next generation RTX 4000 series from Nvidia on the horizon, it will only get better. And with handheld form factors like the Steam Deck starting to become more and more popular, there's more ways to play games on PC than ever.

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