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IcaroRibeiro said:

In theoretical level Cloud is much better. You don't own digital games anyway, you just have a license that can be revoked

With cloud you have no need to good hardware, just a TV. No more next gen upgrades and can play games in maximum quality

NO MORE GENERATION NONSENSE. Imagine a market without generations? A dreaming coming true

But just in a fantasy scenario where your internet allows it. In practice cloud gaming is just feasible, at least not with quality. Internet would first be something like electricity, ubutiquous

Maybe in 20 years

It's a fantasy scenario regardless of when. There will be different quality tiers instead of generational hardware. Quality might even scale up and down with demand, you will not be getting maximum quality.

It's not just your internet, there's also physics involved. You need to live close to a data center to get good results.

Btw, they're thinking of upgrading internet to essential status here like water and electricity. All debit and credit payments being down for a day did not go over well. Emergency services couldn't be reached, safe houses couldn't be reached, it was a mess.