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The only acceptable method of cloud gaming for me is something like Geforce Now which syncs with your Steam Library. So you own the game on Steam and you can use GeForce now as a cloud streaming service which means if Geforce now ever goes down, you still own the game on Steam and you don't lose and progress or anything.

Personally after having tried PSNow, XCloud and Geforce Now, none of them are good enough for me. Geforce now is the better than PSNow and XCloud thanks to it's lower input latency but I still got frame drops and stutters from time to time. I also tried using Parsec which makes your PC a cloud streaming server basically. Both Parsec and Steam's Remote play works great around the house but trying at work... It wasn't very good.

So overall, local devices all the way. And these days, we have plenty of options for on the go like the Switch or Steam Deck where we really don't need cloud gaming if you got the funds.


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