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Amnesia said:
Cobretti2 said:

What exactly is wrong with this post? You haven't really state the exact issue.

To most people you would think they care how the war is going? all the tweets may not be 100% accurate but they do paint a general picture of what is happening.

I am sure we would all want to know if Ukraine somehow were to fall, as it would have a greater impact on Europe. 

LOL general picture of what happening ? man this is ALL NATO war propaganda, if I would dare to post something telling narration from the opposite side of this trend I would be banned from here in a few minutes. This is purely "one-side" war propaganda, it is not information giving a general picture of the war (which is happening just in my neighbor country btw, and I am fine, I am not scared at all since I am better informed of what is happening.)

Most of the things posted in this thread are by Ryuu and they are from Ukrainian sources. Ukraine is not in Nato. So how would it be Nato propaganda?

Most here do seem to support Ukraine in opposing the Russian invasion, I don’t see what is wrong with that. 

Your profile says you’re Hungarian. What makes your think the info that you’re getting is truly an ‘accurate picture’, as you describe it, and not simply Russian propaganda? Hungary does seem to be the Nato member most ambivalent to Ukraine with Hungarian PM Orban being quite friendly with Putin, so wouldn’t be too surprising.

Edit: I’d like to add that people do mostly post positives for Ukraine and its important to remember its not all so straight-forward for them. Russia has made gains in the last few months. I’d say get updates from various sources. There’s a few newspapers I also follow for updates, if you’re only following 1 source then you’re at risk of getting just propaganda. If you think some had posted something on here that is misleading, challenge it.

Last edited by SecondWar - on 12 July 2022